Airport Shuttle Service


Atlanta Airport Shuttle Service

Sixes Car Service stands out as a premier Atlanta airport shuttle service, offering unparalleled door-to-door transportation. We provide on-demand and reliable shuttle services to and from the Atlanta Hartsfield Domestic & International Terminals, with 5 to 7 daily trips. This consistent schedule ensures our passengers enjoy a seamless and convenient travel experience, making us a top choice for those seeking efficient shuttle services to the Atlanta airport.

Door-to-Door Curbside Service

We pick you up at your home and drop you off curbside, just a short distance from check in.  When you return, we track your flight and are waiting for you outside of baggage claim. You will be picked up within minutes of your arrival.

Sixes Car Service - Donna M., GSI VIP Customer

Healthy & Safe Service

Choosing Jay Patouillet and Sixes Car Service for your airport shuttle to the Atlanta Airport offers numerous health and safety benefits. Firstly, the service prioritizes your well-being and safety by utilizing a Yukon XL, a vehicle renowned for its robust safety features, spacious interior, and comfortable ride. This ensures passengers not only travel in comfort but also benefit from the vehicle's advanced safety technologies designed to protect in various driving conditions. Moreover, Sixes Car Service enhances passenger security through a $1M commercial and general liability insurance policy, providing an additional layer of safety and peace of mind for travelers. Personalized service means direct routes and fewer stops, reducing the time and exposure to crowded public spaces, which is particularly beneficial for maintaining health standards in current times. Opting for this service guarantees a stress-free, safe, and health-conscious travel experience to the Atlanta Airport.

Customer Review

"I’ve taken well over 200 trips using Sixes Car Service since June of 2018. Not just to the airport and back, but to Nashville and Montgomery and several other multi-hour trips for work.

"My job is to create jobs for blind people, so I travel with a guide-dog named Phoenix. We have two high risk kids at home, so staying Covid-free is of utmost importance. Jay keeps his vehicles clean and safe, he greets me with a mask on, he provides me with hand sanitizer when I get in the vehicle, and sprays down my suitcase with Lysol when I return back from a flight.

His customer service is second to none, he’s always on time and his pricing is comparable to Uber and Lyft.

Travel has always been stressful, especially now during the pandemic, so the extra special care Jay takes to insure everything is just right, is greatly appreciated and highly recommended."

Dan - Airport